1/20 - One Outta Twenty

Math and other shenanigans in Infinity


My name is Max and this is my blog about Infinity. When playing games for fun it works like this for me:

Put the best thing I can come up with against the best thing the other guy can bring and figure out who takes the cake. A honest challenge within the rules.

This blog is dedicated to give a unfiltered opinion on Infinity, backed by as much data as possible. There is a strong emphasis on optimized gameplay, balancing and faction internal synergies. However, this still leaves a lot of room for discussion and feedback. Keep fluff at home and bring your A game.

Treat this like a tournament environment – kiddy gloves off, but don’t be a dick. If you’re fine with that – have fun reading and discussing.

In case someone wants to contribute feel free to ask, and we’ll make that happen.